TC Filmes

Created in 2001 TC Filmes is Brazilian production company focussed in feature films and TV series development and production. It has produced critically acclaimed films and award-winning films such as “A Wolf at the Door” by Fernando Coimbra; Spacial Operations”by Tomas Portella; “Marighella”, by Isa Grinspun Ferraz; “My Country” and “The sound of the Silence” by André Ristum; “Ninjas” by Dennison Ramalho; among others, and the tv series “We Must Resist” by Ricardo Carvalho and “Galaxies” by Isa Grinspum Ferraz.

In 2019 achieved the mark of 11 feature with theatrical release in Brazil and worldwide among other TV series projects and starts the productions of “Goodbye My Brother” by Sérgio Machado and “The Hanged” by Fernando Coimbra.

Rodrigo Castellar (Magoo)

Graduated in Communication with specialization in Filmmaking at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP-SP). He’s a founding partner and owner of TC Filmes and has been working in the Brazilian film industry for more then 20 years. Carried out projects such as “A wolf at the door”, by Fernando Coimbra, “Special operations”, by Tomás Portella; “Raul” by Walter Carvalho; “Blindness” by Fernando Meireles, among others.

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