• In a huge and impersonal city like São Paulo, various characters fight with everyday problems and try to reach their dreams. Rachel dreams to be a singer, but works as pole dancer in a seedy bar in downtown. She maintains the depressed mother Maria, who spends her days drinking and watching TV. She has a brother, Alex, who works as an attendant and lives alone. Rui is a retired radio announcer who is dying of cancer. His daughter Neusa works as real estate broker always at risk in her job. After a Lunar eclipse they will cross their paths and have experiences that will change their life, leading to a new beginning.
Cast, Crew and Company Credits
  • Production: TC Filmes and Sombumbo Filmes
  • Producer: Pablo Torrecillas, Rodrigo Castellar, André Ristum
  • Direction: André Ristum
  • Screenplay: André Ristum e Co-roteirista: Marco Dutra
  • Cast: Marieta Severo, Stephanie de Jongh, Marat Descartes, Nicola Siri, Claudio Jaborandy, Arlindo Lopez
  • Distribution: Imovision
  • Director of Photography: Hélcio “Alemão” Nagamine