The Eye and the Knife

  • A group of friends working on an offshore oil rig maintain close bounds and do their best to face the difficulties presented by living and working isolated out in the middle of the sea. A job promotion triggers events that disrupt, in an irreversible way, the group friendship and the protagonist’s own life on land. He is tested by the force of destiny and experiences the drama of an ordinary man facing a gradual process of isolation.
Cast, Crew and Company Credits
  • Production: Olhos de Cão, TC Filmes and Gullane
  • Co-production: HBO Latin America Originals
  • Producer: Paulo Sacramento, Rodrigo Castellar, Caio Gullane, Fabiano Gullane and Pablo Torrecillas
  • Direction: Paulo Sacramento
  • Screenplay: Eduardo Benaim and Paulo Sacramento
  • Executive Producer: Caio Gullane and Pablo Torrecillas
  • Cast: Rodrigo Lombardi, Maria Luísa Mendonça, Thiago Lacerda, Emílio Dantas, Luís Melo, Simone Iliescu, Daniel Costa, Marcos de Andrade, Esther Góes, Renan Rovida, Genézio de Barros
  • Distribution: Califórnia Filmes
  • Production Director: Pablo Torrecillas
  • Editor: Paulo Sacramento
  • Director of Photography: José Roberto Eliezer
  • Art Direction: Adrian Cooper