Special Operations

  • A group of honest policemen is sent to a small town to solve the problem of high crime rates. They solve the problem in a short time, while newcomer Francis (Cléo Pires) must overcome her limits to prove her worth. They are acclaimed by public opinion. But shortly afterwards the application of the full force of the law begins to annoy everyone and the true enemy is revealed. Is our society ready for an honest police?
Cast, Crew and Company Credits
  • Production: Tc Filmes
  • Co-production: Filmland, Globo, Querosone, Formiga Filmes, Universal Pictures
  • Producer: Pablo Torrecillas and Rodrigo Castellar
  • Direction: Tomás Portella
  • Screenplay: Tomás Portella and Martina Rupp
  • Cinematography: Bárbara Alvarez
  • Costume: Ana Avelar, Gabriela Campos
  • Executive Producer: Pablo Torrecillas and Rodrigo Castellar
  • Cast: Cleo Pires, Thiago Martins, Fabrício Boliveira, Marcos Caruso, Antonio Tabet, Fabíula Nascimento, Fábio Lago, Gillray Coutinho.
  • Distribution: Paris Filmes and SP Cine
  • Production Director: Clara Machado
  • Art Direction: Cláudio Amaral Peixoto