Galaxies – Views on Brazil

  • "Galaxies – Views on Brazil" is a documentary television series of twelve episodes about the contemporary Brazil and its future prospects. In it, the viewer can reflect on important aspects of the national life, always from an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach. The programs subjects are: cities, media, environment, social movements, individuals and behaviour, aesthetic production, politics, economics, education, university, national identity and Brazil in the world. The programs gather, in a kind of moving mosaic, the views of thinkers, artists and Brazilian activists. The assembly of these different views, coupled with the works of art and original music, creates an intriguing web of expanding meanings, stimulating new directions and the emergence of new connections and issues. It is a kind of "galaxy" of many points, a moving web – a reflection leading to another, like a spiral.
Cast, Crew and Company Credits
  • Production: TC Filmes and Texto e Imagem
  • Direction: Isa Grinspum Ferraz
  • Screenplay: Isa Grinspum Ferraz, Marcelo Macca, João Grinspum Ferraz
  • Executive Producer: Pablo Torrecillas
  • Production Director: Maíra Torrecillas
  • Editor: Vania Debs (Editing Supervisor)
  • Director of Photography: Tiago Tambelli
  • Art Direction: Leandro N. Lima
  • Original soundtrack: DJ Dolores